After What Seemed Like Five Months

The party arrives in Dicewind Ale to seek out Strom Lightkeeper.

Strom lives in a run-down, filthy house full of empty bottles and drug paraphernalia. The party knocks on the door, and Strom eventually answers. They question Strom about Norbin, and he mentions he’ll be gambling with some of Norbin’s old mentors and friends that evening. Strom gives Willie a “stick”, a small magical device that acts as a powerful stimulant. Cole puts him to sleep, disgusted with his drug use and general odoriferous emanations.

The party meets Strom at the Horny Bulette, a tavern worthy of Strom’s reputation. There, they meet Frederic Zelman and Tomas. Frederic tries to lead the party into gambling to get him to reveal what he knows, but they threaten to be violent enough that he decides the stakes aren’t worth it so he tells them what he knows.

What he knows isn’t worth much. He and Norbin Lightkeeper used to get high at a small cabin in the woods not far from Dicewind Ale. He remembers Norbin keeping some notes about the Beacon, and offers to take the party there.

As no definite help with the Beacon has been offered, the Boss and Cole go to notify the Dicewind Ale city watch about the incoming threat from the dark creatures now that the Beacon is down. They are annoyed by an incompetent guardsman who ultimately sends an equally incompetent colleague to notify his superiors. Rahu winds up staying behind to see the information is passed to the correct people.

The party rejoins at the Horny Bulette, just in time for Kai to steal the entire gambling pot from the table. Frederic notices and politely asks her not to cheat, lest he not give her coin purse back. She complies. There is almost a barfight, but the party leaves for less disgusting lodgings.

The next morning, they meet Frederic at the city gates, ready to find the cabin in the woods. En route, they sense movement in the trees. The party assumes a defensive formation, and a dark elf by the name of Zark approaches and asks them to accompany him to meet his leader, The General, who would very much like to speak with them regarding Soverick’s candle.

The party refuses, and more drow appear from the surrounding woods armed with clubs, nets, and crossbows, trying and nearly succeeding in capturing the party. The Boss is knocked unconscious, as is Soverick during an attempt to save him. However, Soverick’s horse continues on its way (with him still riding) and his hand is caught in the Boss’s net, so they are dragged to safety until Willie untangles them and flees as well. Kai and Cole are wounded in a hail of crossbow bolts, but manage to drop from the trees onto their horses and escape as well.


direflail direflail

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