Through The Portal

Taj steals the Candelabra and runs away with the evil Genie to conquer the world/look for exotic snacks. The party regains possession of Soverick’s candle (the only thing known that can stop the Genie),and goes looking for Taj.

They ask Elmwood if he has any ideas, and he directs them to Taj’s father, Tajalo Martlett, at the Temple of the Radiant Beacon near far-away Dicewind Ale.

The party goes through a portal and winds up near the Temple. They fight some inky, gooey monsters covered in black stuff and then go to the Temple.

Soverick’s candle glows brightly and becomes superhot and bolts of energy shoot between it and the Beacon. The Beacon cracks in half, causing great loss of life and property — including the only man who knows how to operate and/or repair the Beacon, Norbin Lightbringer.

In a panic, the monks appoint a crew to seek out Strom Lightbringer, Norbin’s only known relative, in Dicewind Ale. The party sets out on this quest, as well as Cole Baltic, a patron of the Temple, Kai, a bowyer living at the temple selling her wares, and Rahu, a temple monk.

More dark monsters attack on their journey to Dicewind Ale, and a particularly large one gravely wounds Soverick before the party defeats the creatures.


direflail direflail

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