Tidal Wave!

The players follow Frederic’s directions to Norbin Lightkeeper’s hut. The “hut” turns out to be more of a cabin, albeit a shoddy one. The party sneaks up to the door, assumes defensive positions, and Willy peeks in through one of the windows. He sees beds with people sleeping in them. Soverick knocks on the door and nobody answers. He knocks again, and nobody answers. A third time, and he hears an irritated voice say “Frederic, it’s not Tuesday yet, go away”. The entire party begins knocking, and (to the party’s surprise) soon the door is opened by a very hung over Norbin Lightkeeper.

The party questions Norbin, and he is reluctant to say anything at first until they tell him the Beacon has fallen and that they believed him dead. The other people in the cabin awaken and the party is surprised to find 3 identical Norbins looking at them. It turns out that the Norbin that died when the Beacon fell was not the genuine article. Norbin had met a doppelganger who was waiting in ambush to kill him but was sick of killing people and wanted a quieter life. They began living and doing drugs together. The doppelganger invited his extended family to live in the cabin with them, and they all took turns posing as Norbin, getting paid for doing his work at the Temple of the Radiant Beacon while the rest lived the easy life getting high in the woods. It was Pete the doppelganger who died when the Beacon fell — not Norbin.

Norbin and the Dopples (sans Pete) accompany the party back to the Temple. The party does not have horses, but it turns out the Dopples can hop very quickly.

Upon arriving at the Temple, the party is stopped by Silverguard sentries. They do not know the party and will not let them pass until Cole asks the sentries to call for Baldwin the head monk to vouch for them. They enter and discover the Silverguard has set up a refugee camp and is doing everything from treating the injured to starting to rebuild structures to implementing security measures.

The party quickly takes Baldwin to a private area and starts to explain that the Silverguard might not be on the level. They are about to discuss the tar/flame effects of the silvered items when Dornan, the Silverguard captain, comes into the tent to greet them. They make uncomfortable small talk for a minute, and a Silverguard mage named Pyle briefly arrives to inform Dornan that the defensive barrier is in place and ready to be activated at his order. The party, noticing that both the temple sentries and Dornan have silvered weapons and armor with the same oil-foam producing enchantment, decides to trust Dornan and show him what they’ve discovered. They take a silver buckler shield from him, and trigger the foam.

Dornan is alarmed, to say the least. He explains that the defensive barrier puts out a weak magical field to defend against arrows, covers the majority of the area of the Temple, and will likely trigger the silvered weapons and kill many people. The party convinced Dornan to order everyone in the Temple (Silverguard, monks, and everyone else) to remove all their silvered armor and weapons and collect it into piles.

The sight of thick black smoke and the sound of war-drums is heard in the distance, and the party realizes that the Temple is soon going to be under attack. Sure enough, the sentries posted outside come running inside to warn everyone, and the Temple gates are closed. The angry cries of invading orcs can be heard outside, and a tremendous crash is heard as a battering ram assaults the temple gate.

The party sees Jenkins, another Silverguard mage, panicking and looking for Dornan to give the signal to activate the defensive barrier. Soon he can’t take it anymore and begins casting the activation spell. The order to disarm had not reached many soldiers yet. Kai manages to momentarily interrupt his spellcasting by throwing a stick at him, hitting him in the face. Soverick shortly thereafter tackles him to the ground and explains to him how many will die if he activates the barrier. Jenkins calms down.

Realizing the orcs are doing a full frontal assault on the gate, the party climbs the battlements and begins to throw silvered weapons and armor into the attacking 200-strong orc horde. They trigger the enchantment with a simple Prestidigitation spell, and suddenly the front of the Temple gate is a 10’ tall mass of oily black goo and writhing orc limbs. The orcs in the back start to climb over the mound, and Soverick and Cole strike with twin Thunderwave spells. This both ignites and violently shoves the behemoth, turning it into an incandescent tidal wave of burning death that crashes over all but the orc chieftain and his elite guard standing at the back of the horde. Kai nocks one of her silvered arrows and fires it at the chieftain as Cole zaps it with a small spark of lightning, causing the foam to trigger and knocking the chieftain off his feet just before he burns to a crisp.

When it’s all over, a 50-yard swath of land in front of the gates is left blackened and covered with orc skeletons. Some of the silvered weapons are salvageable (and no longer enchanted), and the party collects those.

Everyone decides whoever put these enchantments on these items must be found. The magic-users, both arcane and divine, of the Silverguard are questioned. One cleric in particular, Clarice Patricia, is considered a prime suspect due to Soverick’s dealings with her and noticing she had a silvered holy symbol. When they question her and ask to see her holy symbol, she produces a wooden holy symbol and starts to get confused and give vague answers about why she isn’t using her silvered one every night (when Soverick channeled the divine with his, it triggered so hers would too). The party presses further, and Clarice’s eyes and expression go blank and she brings her hands up and gently strokes a silver chain around her neck which immediately foams up around her head, suffocating her. The party manages to freeze it and break it off her before she dies, but she remained unconscious. When checking her vitals, the party notices she has a small marking on the back of her neck consisting of 3 black diamonds in a diamond formation (4 would comprise it but it’s missing one diamond).

The party asks Dornan to check everyone in the Silverguard for this marking (checking him first). Soverick goes to inspect the cart that Clarice’s holy symbol came from, and finds nothing more than the silvered weapons, armor, and holy symbols he’d seen there before. Soon after, 4 Silverguard warriors with the black diamond markins are brought for questioning. They do not act suspicious, nor do they seem to have any idea what is happening. They too are wearing silver chains around their necks, and when questioned their eyes go blank and they try to activate them as Clarice did but their hands are bound so they can’t. The party tries various methods to remove the chains, including both rogues trying to disable device, but the devices trigger and Soverick is called in to freeze and break the tar off again. Eventually, the party figures out they can put a “cone of shame” style device on the captives such that the foam won’t suffocate them, and they break the necklaces off. Now the party has 5 captives, all marked with the diamonds, all in a catatonic state.

Norbin comes by and says he’s taken a look at the wreckage of the Beacon and sees 2 primary problems. First, one of the lenses is scratched badly and needs replaced. This can probably be done in Dicewind Ale without much worry. Worse, though, is that the main crystal is broken, and even Norbin doesn’t know where to get a new one. He also recommends that they rebuild the tower, because it’s better if the beacon is up high and rotates around. Norbin is awesome.

The party starts weighing their options to try to find a means of obtaining and/or repairing these items. Frederic Zelman’s name comes up — as does Councilman Creshire from Daughterweep.

Clippity-Clop And The Sticky Silver

The party had temporarily escaped Zark’s clutches, and were trying to find their way back to Dicewind Ale when they heard noises that indicated someone had picked up their trail again. They ran across a camouflaged cave in a valley. Some of the party hid in the cave, while Boss and Kai hid up top behind some rocks. Willie noticed a tripwire, and everyone noticed the place smelled of mold and vaguely of death. Kai febrezed it with the smell of roses.

The party was, in fact, being followed by Zark and a smaller contingent of his men, who had tracked them to this cave. The party was concealed well enough (and Zark’s men incompetent enough) that they avoided detection. One of Zark’s men went into the cave, setting off a deadly spike trap that killed him instantly. Zark left two men to search and patrol the area while he foraged ahead, and the party ambushed and killed them.

The party went back to Dicewind Ale to the Horny Bulette. At the entrance, they were met by a squad from the Silverguard led by Dornan, clad in gleaming silver armor and brandishing silver weapons. He is very interested to hear they are from the Temple of the Radiant Beacon, and says the Silverguard has come because of reports the Beacon has fallen. He offers food, supplies, and silver weapons to the party (who each takes one, except Soverick, who takes a silver holy symbol of Pelor).

Dornu and the party meet briefly with the Dicewind Ale City Guard, who agree the Beacon being down is a threat to the area, and the City Guard offers to send troops to the temple to help defend the area. The party initially decides to accompany the Silverguard back to the Temple, but later decide they need to continue their mission to go to Norbin Lightkeeper’s secret hut to find more information on the Beacon.

The party locates Frederic in the middle of a dice game at the Horny Bulette and proceeds to hold him at crossbow-point. Frederic claims he was not behind the Drow attack in the woods and is reluctant to accompany the party back out there again. He eventually gives them crude directions and landmarks to follow to get to the hut themselves. He offers to sell them “poof pellets” to let them get away like he did the last time (at a premium), but the party refuses.

Frederic also notices Cole’s crossbow is enchanted, and Cole realizes there’s a strange enchantment on all the silvered items they received from the Silverguard related to construction or tar. The party grows suspicious of the Silverguard at this point, and sends Rahu to warn the temple monks just in case.

The party decides to rest at an inn for the night, and to head out looking for Norbin’s hut in the morning. As Soverick is using his new holy symbol to channel Pelor’s divinity, it grows hot and begins to pour out hot, foaming tar. It grows to the size of a beachball and sticks to his hands and chest and grows very heavy. He freezes it and shatters it. The party comes to investigate, and try several means of reproducing the effect with their own weapons. Cole believes exposure to magic triggers the spell that produces the tar. They take one of Kai’s silver arrows outside, and Cole shoots magical fire at it, causing it to produce burn very hot and bright for a few seconds before burning away.

At first light the party sets out for the hut….

After What Seemed Like Five Months

The party arrives in Dicewind Ale to seek out Strom Lightkeeper.

Strom lives in a run-down, filthy house full of empty bottles and drug paraphernalia. The party knocks on the door, and Strom eventually answers. They question Strom about Norbin, and he mentions he’ll be gambling with some of Norbin’s old mentors and friends that evening. Strom gives Willie a “stick”, a small magical device that acts as a powerful stimulant. Cole puts him to sleep, disgusted with his drug use and general odoriferous emanations.

The party meets Strom at the Horny Bulette, a tavern worthy of Strom’s reputation. There, they meet Frederic Zelman and Tomas. Frederic tries to lead the party into gambling to get him to reveal what he knows, but they threaten to be violent enough that he decides the stakes aren’t worth it so he tells them what he knows.

What he knows isn’t worth much. He and Norbin Lightkeeper used to get high at a small cabin in the woods not far from Dicewind Ale. He remembers Norbin keeping some notes about the Beacon, and offers to take the party there.

As no definite help with the Beacon has been offered, the Boss and Cole go to notify the Dicewind Ale city watch about the incoming threat from the dark creatures now that the Beacon is down. They are annoyed by an incompetent guardsman who ultimately sends an equally incompetent colleague to notify his superiors. Rahu winds up staying behind to see the information is passed to the correct people.

The party rejoins at the Horny Bulette, just in time for Kai to steal the entire gambling pot from the table. Frederic notices and politely asks her not to cheat, lest he not give her coin purse back. She complies. There is almost a barfight, but the party leaves for less disgusting lodgings.

The next morning, they meet Frederic at the city gates, ready to find the cabin in the woods. En route, they sense movement in the trees. The party assumes a defensive formation, and a dark elf by the name of Zark approaches and asks them to accompany him to meet his leader, The General, who would very much like to speak with them regarding Soverick’s candle.

The party refuses, and more drow appear from the surrounding woods armed with clubs, nets, and crossbows, trying and nearly succeeding in capturing the party. The Boss is knocked unconscious, as is Soverick during an attempt to save him. However, Soverick’s horse continues on its way (with him still riding) and his hand is caught in the Boss’s net, so they are dragged to safety until Willie untangles them and flees as well. Kai and Cole are wounded in a hail of crossbow bolts, but manage to drop from the trees onto their horses and escape as well.

Through The Portal

Taj steals the Candelabra and runs away with the evil Genie to conquer the world/look for exotic snacks. The party regains possession of Soverick’s candle (the only thing known that can stop the Genie),and goes looking for Taj.

They ask Elmwood if he has any ideas, and he directs them to Taj’s father, Tajalo Martlett, at the Temple of the Radiant Beacon near far-away Dicewind Ale.

The party goes through a portal and winds up near the Temple. They fight some inky, gooey monsters covered in black stuff and then go to the Temple.

Soverick’s candle glows brightly and becomes superhot and bolts of energy shoot between it and the Beacon. The Beacon cracks in half, causing great loss of life and property — including the only man who knows how to operate and/or repair the Beacon, Norbin Lightbringer.

In a panic, the monks appoint a crew to seek out Strom Lightbringer, Norbin’s only known relative, in Dicewind Ale. The party sets out on this quest, as well as Cole Baltic, a patron of the Temple, Kai, a bowyer living at the temple selling her wares, and Rahu, a temple monk.

More dark monsters attack on their journey to Dicewind Ale, and a particularly large one gravely wounds Soverick before the party defeats the creatures.


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