A family of doppelgangers befriended by Norbin Lightkeeper.

For as long as they could remember, the Dopples made their way in life by ambushing and killing travelers, stealing their valuables and identities, and sometimes eating them. They never liked it much. Too much screaming and blood and disguising themselves as little girls.

Norbin was out hunting one day and was ambushed by Zeke. Zeke never was the stealthiest, nor the quickest, so Norbin saw him coming a mile away. Instead of running or fighting back, Norbin offered Zeke a stick and said if he still wanted to eat him afterward, it was OK. Zeke had never felt anything like being on sticks, not was he used to talking to anyone instead of eating them, but they both enjoyed each other’s company. Zeke let Norbin go.

Hoping he’d run into Zeke again, Norbin took the same path the next day and found his new friend waiting, this time not in ambush. This happened every day for a month. Eventually, they decided Zeke should move into the cabin so they could hang out all the time. It wasn’t long after that one of them got the idea that it would be hilarious for Zeke to look like Norbin so they could play pranks on people. Various shenanigans at the temple transpired.

One day, Zeke mentioned he had relatives nearby. Norbin joked that he wished they would all come to live here so they could all pretend to be him and everybody could do his job so nobody would have to work very much. They thought about it a little more and realized this was not a bad plan. Norbin wouldn’t have to work so much, and it would give the Dopples a new life.

It took some convincing, but one by one Pete, Pete Jr., Steve, and Joe all came to live at the cabin. And, for a year and a half, everyone took turns being Norbin. Nobody was the wiser until after the Beacon fell.


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